About Us

S.TRA.TE.G.I.E. Technology transfer and guidance for innovation

As a spin-off of Marche Polytechnic University, we develop innovative ideas for systems and products for energy generation, conversion and distribution. Since 2005, we have drawn on the creativity and enthusiasm of young researchers and graduates and collaborated with established industrial partners.
Many of our partnerships continue right up to product launch or become the basis for developing further innovative solutions.

Our areas of expertise:


Energy Efficiency

We perform energy audits for public and private clients, helping them to find optimal technical, financial and environmental solutions.

Thermo-fluid Dynamic Design

We can develop software and operating procedures that can rapidly assess the fluid dynamic efficiency of energy exchange and conversion processes and optimize systems and plants.

Guidance in Innovative Processes

We offer the following services to companies seeking to innovate:

  • Assistance and advice for product and process innovation
  • Design and development of industrialization programmes for new hi-tech products
  • Setting up experiments to support the selection of new production technologies
  • Analysis and optimization of customer business processes and studying new processes in existing organizational structures


Technology Transfer and Licensing Innovative Products

We help simplify the transfer of energy technologies from the technical and scientific spheres of research to their application in industry. We also provide tools for skills development and training of the highest level.